CE Requirements for Clinical Supervion certification (s) 

How to become a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS) UPDATE   www.CCALP.org

 STEP 1.    Meet and Complete the Requirements state licensing board requirements first 

Military Exemption:  If Military or spouse, and licensed for 24 months as an LPC in another state, then only one year GA License required. 

Be licensed in Georgia as LPC
(O.C.G.A. 43-10A and Board Rules 135-5-.02)
Degree Must Be in Mental Health- Rule 135-5
Must be licensed in GA as an LPC for at least:*
3 (Three) years or more

 Licensure by Endorsement - for those that are licensed in another state and licensed in GA. 

 Must have a Georgia License as an LPC for one year (12+ months). 


STEP 2.  Training.  If LPC CPCS applicant has completed a doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision, only one course is needed:  Six (6) Hour Laws/Rules/Documentation course.  The course must be in-person or Live Inactive Webinar only. 

Licensed in another state, at the highest level for 24+ months, msut have 24-hour CPCS Training AND must take CPCS Exam ( CLICK HERE )  AND the  Jurisprudence Exam  (CLCK HERE )

Licensed in another state, as a clinical counselor supervisor, must have one 6-hour Law/Rules/Documentation course and must take CPCS Exam ( CLICK HERE )  AND the  Jurisprudence Exam  (CLCK HERE )

Must provide CE certificates from the same trainer.  No ONLINE accepted - no exceptions.   Training must be synchronous.   

 STEP 3   Take and Pass Exam(s)

Licensed in another state, must take CPCS Exam ( CLICK HERE )  AND the  Jurisprudence Exam  (CLCK HERE )