CPCS Inactivation guidelines

The CPCS Inactivation Application must be submitted to inactive your CPCS credential.


Once you have inactivated your CPCS credential, you cannot continue to practice as a CPCS clinical supervisor for counselors seeking Professional Counseling licensure under the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and  Marriage and Family Therapists (the Board). 

According to the licensing board rule 135-5-.02 section 5 (iv), you must cease and desist from using the CPCS credential on ALL communications, marketing materials, website listings, etc.

In addition, please understand that LPCA of Georgia is required to report to the Board that you are no longer a CPCS supervisor.

CPCS Inactivation Requirements


Submit the LPCA CPCS Inactivation Application form to change from "Active" to "Inactive" status


The Inactivation Application contains several attestation statements


 You must provide a copy of your current license details page that displays "Public Board Orders" (not the wallet card or wall certificate)


 You will receive written notice of the inactivation from LPCA



 Click here to submit the CPCS Inactivation Application