CPCS Recertification Guidelines for 2020


Recertification deadline is September 30, 2020

Recertification must be completed online only (open in early 2020)


NOTE: CPCS Maintenance fees for all non LPCA members are due yearly.
Unpaid CPCS fees will result in late fees, in addition to a “Cease and Desist” letter
from using the CPCS, if not paid in a timely manner.

Recertification Requirements


CPCS Re-certification Application Fee:

(included in Clinical CPCS membership; $79 for CPCS Nonmembers)

·         Recertification is every two years: DUE by September 30 of even years (2020, 2022, 2024)

·         Late Fee - $25.00 (if submitted October 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020)

·         Reinstatement Fee:

o    Once Certification has expired and the Late Fee Period has passed (Dec. 31, 2020), you will have to submit a Re-Activation application


CPCS Annual Maintenance Fee:

·         Supports the administration of the certification program, including monthly reports to the Licensing Board about compliance, answering and resolving supervision questions/issues, and audits

·         Current Clinical Member of LPCA -- included in Clinical Membership

·         Non-Member -- $75.00 per year (in addition to recertification application fee)


Current GA LPC License:

·          Provide a copy of your current license that displays "Public Board Orders" (not the wallet card or wall certificate)


CPCS Recertification Options:


  ·         Option A: (MUST provide CE copies)

o    Attended 12 CEs in Clinical Supervision workshops with at least 3 hours in Supervision Ethics

     ·         Option B: (MUST provide CE copies and presentation documentation)

    • Presented at least 6 CE instructional hours of Clinical Supervision Workshop(s) AND Attended 6 CEs in Clinical Supervision workshops with at least 3 hours in Supervision Ethics 
  • Option C: (Initial CPCS certification granted October 1, 2018 or later)
    • You do not have a CE requirement your first CPCS cycle
    • CE's from the initial CPCS application are used, so as to not create an undue financial hardship.  The Georgia Composite Board uses a similar policy when you receive your first license.


CPCS Recertification CE Guidelines:


Review the Licensing Board Rule 135-9 on what are acceptable CEs
(must fall within the LPC Scope of Practice O.C.G.A. 43-10A)

·         CEs must be obtained between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2020

·         Valid CEs must have some variance of the word “supervision” in the title of the workshop OR a description of clinical supervision content listed in the objectives

·         Workshops CANNOT be about administrative supervision (such as related to the running of a business, organization or agency)

·         Addiction, AAMFT, social work, and Leadership “superior at work” workshops do not count towards CPCS certification/recertification

·         Workshops that are not about clinical counseling supervision do not count towards CPCS certification/recertification

·         Courses completed in a degree program (MA/MS, EdS, PhD) do not count towards CE requirements for CPCS certification/recertification

·         No home study CEs are accepted

·         A minimum of 3 hours must be in Supervision Ethics content

·         Click to see the list of CE's that are not accepted


Online CEs:

·         1/3 of the CE's required for renewal may be obtained online (electronically delivered).

o    Option A:  4 CEs maximum

o    Option B:  2 CEs maximum

·         Check out the "Unrecognized CE Providers" before taking any online supervision programs. The providers on that page will not be accepted.


Ethics CEs:

·         ALL Supervision Ethics CEs must be face-to-face, in-person.  

·         The Ga Composite Board doesn't recognize any form of online Ethics related workshop as "in-person"

PLEASE NOTE: Effective October 1, 2019, coursework to meet the requirement(s) for CPCS certification/recertification must be obtained within three (3) years of application submission


CPCS Recertification Examination


CPCS Supervisors must pass a recertification exam consisting of multiple-choice questions related to essential counseling supervision knowledge to maintain the CPCS credential for the next licensure cycle

         Recertification examination details and procedures will be provided prior to opening of the recertification application process in early 2020


CPCS Re-certification Application Form
Available Online Only in Early 2020