CPCS Re-certification Reopened 


Take and pass with a score of at least 80%
DONT forget to write down your exam score. 
No need to upload documentation
PICK ONE EXAM.  If you have a problem with internet while access the exam, please check out the other two options. 


Jurisprudence Exam



Gather your Supervision CE Certificates
NOT ALL CERTIFICATES ARE ACCEPTED (click here to check if yours will be)


Fill out the Re-certification Application
If you filled it out already, without the exam score, reopen it and fill in your exam score.


Directions to re-open Re-Cert application

1. Visit www.LPCAGA.org

2. Click “Login” to the right of the LPCA logo.
3. Your login is your email address
4. Enter your password, if you don’t remember, simply click “Forgot Password” an email will be sent to you with a link to reset.
5. Once logged in under the “Name Tag” area, click “My Profile”.
6. On the next screen, above the “photo” section you will see My Profile (again)
7. Move your mouse over the My Profile for the drop-down menu.
8. You will see options for submissions, messages from LPCA such E-newsletters, invoices, payments, etc.

We hope this information is helpful in you providing the information needed for the committee to review your re-certification. 

Refresher on What CEs are needed CLICK HERE