Students -Requirements for Counselor Licensure in Georgia

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Over the past years, I have been passing the emails and information along to you from the Licensed Professional Counselor Association of GA. This is our state level professional association that lobbies for legislation that impacts our profession. If you can only afford to join one association, I recommend this over the American Counseling Association which lobbies at the federal level. Many issues the LPCAGA has lobbied for over the past years have given us a better standing in the state and have kept our profession strong. They approve providers for Continuing Education and sponsor some of these as well.

I highly suggest your membership in the LPCAGA as you move on to start your own practices or to other locations. I have felt this has always been a wise use of my resources.  You can go to their website to join.

Vilda S. Brannen, MS, NCC, LPC, CPCS
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Professional Counselors Supervisor


Specializing in the management & treatment of bipolar disorder and depression alongside some of Atlanta's most respected psychiatrists.


Will resume shortly.  



As a primarily volunteer-run organization, you are key to our success. LPCA volunteers get to be a part of our diverse community and gain exposure to one of the fastest-growing professional organizations for counselors in the U.S.

Our volunteers include:

Those in a program,  Interns, working towards licensure, Those fully licensed, And those interested in the mental health field.

Volunteering arrangements are made based on your availability – they may be an on-off commitment or they can be long-term. We will work with you to ensure your experience is both professionally valuable and personally rewarding. Most importantly, all LPCA volunteers and interns gain unparalleled access to a network of other volunteers, as well as the professional resources that LPCA offers on a national scale as well as in state.

For volunteering opportunities, including our Annual Convention & Regional Conference, please fill out the form below. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate Board of Directors Chair and they will reach out to you when your interests match a volunteer opportunity.

SCHOOL There are several universities that offer the Master in Counseling and are accredited.

Clark Atlanta University - Dept of Counselor Ed, Public, Dr. Shell, PhD, LPC, NCC  Phone 404-880-8511,  [email protected]

Ga State University - Public, day classes  Dr. Jonathan Orr, [email protected] 

Mercer University - Private, non-profit college, day/night/weekend/online  Dr. David Lane, [email protected] , Office phone 678-547-6301 ATLANTA Campus 

West Ga - Public, day and online classes  Dr. Julia Whisenhunt, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, CPCS 

Georgia Southern University- Public, day/night/weekend/online  Dr. Brenda Callahan, [email protected],  Office Phone 912-478-5736 

Argosy-Private, for profit university, weekend program  Dr. Blasco, [email protected]  

Columbus State  phone  706 568-2301  Dr. Ryan Day 

North Georgia University, Dr. Harrison Davis Telephone: 706-867-2791 or 706-864-1444

If you do not find the University you are looking for check with the accreditation  We look forward to welcoming you to Professional Counseling.

Members of LPCA   How to Become Licensed   CLICK HERE 

 DISCLAIMER:  These materials have been prepared for information purposes only and are not legal advice.  The information provided does not guarantee licensure. This information is not intended to create, supplement and receipt of it does not constitute Legal advice. Readers should not act upon this information without reading the rules and laws listed on the Secretary of State Georgia Composite Board of Licensed Professional Counselor, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapist, the “board” The Board is charged by law with regulating the practice of professional counseling, social work, and marriage and family therapy in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of Georgia.  It does so by enforcing the education and training requirements established by law for licensure in each profession, by adopting and enforcing a code of ethics governing licensees, by establishing and enforcing continuing education requirements, and by addressing unlicensed practice in these professions.