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STEP 1: MUST be licensed as an LPC in GA for a MINIMUM of 3 years *prior to attending training for the CPCS credential. Rule 135-5-.02 *See below for exemptions and DETAILS.
STEP 2: Complete Required Training Course.
STEP 3: Exam - Open Book, Un-timed.
STEP 4: Complete the Application

No coursework will be accepted dated before the 3 year mark of being issued the LPC.*

*Exemptions:  (The Time as an APC does not COUNT towards the 3 year requiement)

DEGREE: Doctoral Degree in Counseling Education/Supervision 

  • LPC in GA for one year minimum (Board Rule 135-5-.02)
  • Must Degree earned within the last three years from the date of application
  • One 6-hour workshop on Laws/Rules
  • One Documentation Workshop
  • Pass the CPCS exam
  • Pass the Jurisprudence exam

MILITARY: Special exemption due to the 2-3 years relocation requirement by Department of Defense (DOD)

  • Licensure by Endorsement - If Military or Spouse of Military (Board rule 135-12)
  • LPC in GA for one year AND LPC for at least 2 years total
  • One 6-hour Laws/Rules Workshop
  • One Documentation Workshop
  • Pass the CPCS exam
  • Pass the Jurisprudence Exam

LICENSURE BY ENDORSEMENT: (Board Rule 135-3-.04)

  • LPC in GA for one year AND an LPC for at least 2 years total
  • Complete Training Program
  • Pass the CPCS Exam
  • Pass the Jurisprudence Exam

SUPERVISOR LICENSURE BY ENDORSEMENT: (Board Rule 135-3-.04) If currently licensed as a Clinical Supervisor in another state and are now fully licensed in GA as an LPC.

  • LPC in GA for one year AND an LPC for at least 3 years total
  • One 6-hour Laws/Rules Workshop
  • One Documentation Workshop
  • Pass the CPCS exam
  • Pass the Jurisprudence Exam


  • Licensed in GA as an LPC for three years
  • One 6-hour Laws/Rules Workshop
  • One Documentation Workshop
  • Pass the CPCS exam
  • Pass the Jurisprudence exam



    1. The acronym stands for the credential for clinical supervisors, which is Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, CPCS
    2. The credential, CPCS, is recognized by credentialing companies. 


    1. The Licensing Board requires future mental health professionals, supervisees, to have over 100 hours of clinical supervision in order to become fully licensed. The supervisee is also required to have an LPC as a clinical supervision for two years which is the same standards as set forth for Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapist.  The Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor is required to become certified. (Licensing board rule 135-5-.02*)
    2. There is a shortage of licensed professional counselors and trained clinical supervisors which is why the certification is important. The CPCS certification brings acknowledgement and value as now the certification is recognized in other states. You can review state licensing board rules at 


    1. LPCAGA Board of Directors Ethics Chair Dr. Becky Beaton, PhD, LPC, created the original LPCA Registry of Approved Supervisors in 2000, to make it easier for supervisee to find the best fit of a clinical supervisor.
    2. In order for the Approved Clinical Supervisor credential to monitor the requirements for, and improve the quality of, the training for Clinical Supervisors, and raise awareness of the advance training, the certification, CPCS was introduced in 2015.
    3.  The certification program works to ensure that supervisors received appropriate training. For example, addiction supervision training is not the same “specialty” as license professional counselor supervisor training, which are listed separately in the law. The training requirements are not the same. O.C.G.A. 43-10A (20) “Supervisor” means a person who meets the requirements established by the standards committee for that specialty which is being supervised and who is either licensed under this article or is a psychiatrist or a psychologist. 
    4. The law goes on to define the practice of professional counseling in O.C.G.A 43-10A-7. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this article, a person who is not licensed under this article shall not practice professional counseling, social work, or marriage and family therapy, nor advertise the performance of such practice… 


    1. is the Clinical Certification Association of Licensed Professionals website. The site and the credentials are managed by an outside management company, providing oversight and removing any conflict of interests.
    2. The website, CCALP, provides credential holders with a single, secure portal to manage the CE certificates/credentials and certification applications.
    3. CCALP also provides a trusted resource to stay up to date with any, and all, important changes supervisors will need to know. 


    1. CCALP was created to separate the functions of clinical supervisor training and support of the credential(s) such as CPCS as well as better steward of members’ money by having less costs of administering the CPCS program. As well, the CCALP was created to provide credentialing to other mental health professions under the purview of the Licensing Board. While initially, this was handled through LPCAGA, the task became overwhelming and extremely costly.
    2. LPCAGA listened to the voices of those already credentialed and searched for a way to


                                                              i.      provide a more streamlined certification/recertification process,


                                                             ii.      provide more efficient service to members,


                                                           iii.      offer National recognition of the certification,


                                                           iv.      Raise the standards for training,


                                                             v.      facilitate improved trained supervisors, and


                                                           vi.      Improve compliance with GA law and rules regarding the role of supervisors.


  1. The CCALP site, also a not-for-profit association, grants you access to


                                                              i.      Manage your personal data,


                                                             ii.      Make online applications available,


                                                           iii.      Offer all related documents in a printable format,


                                                           iv.      Offer storage of your CE certificates,


                                                             v.      Allow networking with other professionals in the field,


                                                           vi.      And many more features. 


  1. ACS vs CPCS?
    1. The ACS, Approved Clinical Supervisor is a credential owned by NBCC. And has extensive requirements which prohibits those wanting to provide clinical supervision.
    2. CPCS was created to specifically cover GA state rules/laws for licensure in order to have better trained clinical supervisors in our state and to provide supervisees with clinical supervisors who were knowledgeable in GA law and rules.
    3. The Composite Board received numerous complaints of incorrect information given to supervisees by supervisors and recognized there were problems as they reviewed applications. Unfortunately, it is the supervisee (applicant) who is most affected by incorrect information as well as the public at large.
    4. Those holding the CPCS credential have more options and resources.



STEP 1: There are no other special exemptions due to the State of Georgia Licensing Board Rules

STEP 2: If you meet two or more of the special exemptions, please pick the one that suits you best

STEP 3: Please read the State of Georgia Licensing Board Rules

STEP 4: Staff is limited, please note it can take up to 5-7 days to reply to emails

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