Apply To Be A CPCS


(Please read the Guidelines-its short and easy, and will help get you get your application processed faster) Fee increase 10/15/18


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 The CPCS Application form is only available online 

Please allow up to 7-10 business days for a completed application to be reviewed 
(MUST have all of the following:  i.e., application, documentation, personal references, etc.)

Please make sure your personal references are mailed to:  

LPCA CPCS, 3091 Governors Lake Dr. NW, STE 570, Norcross, GA 30071

[email protected]  

 How to become a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS)

1.  Meet and Complete the Requirements:  ( click Supervisor tab for a drop-down menu of very detailed information on all the requirements. Read frequently asked questions here: CPCS FAQs
2.  Fill out the CPCS application
3.  Have your Professional Reference mail their forms to the CPCS Committee. Address below. 
State Requirements:
Who can be a CPCS Based on GA Composite Board Rules ? ? ? 

Be licensed in Georgia as LPC

(O.C.G.A. 43-10A and Board Rules 135-5-.02)

*Use the Degree you applied for Licensure.

*What degree did you put on your LPC application?  If you used your Masters degree to get your LPC you must wait THREE (3) years to supervise.

Must be GA LPC for at least:*

3 (Three) years or more with a Master’s degree in Clinical MH,

2 (Two) years with an EdS in Clinical MH, or

1 (One) year with a Doctoral degree in Clinical MH (after degree has been conferred)

If licensed as a Supervisor in the state you are transferring from: (Rule 135-5-0.1 and 135-5.02)

Must be LPC or LMHC or LPCC, etc:

Must meet the State Laws (43-10A) State Licensing Board rules (135-5-02)  Please "Read the Rules"


 Proof of Supervision Training (3 options):


Option A: * Preferred Method



*24 LPCA or NBCC approved CE workshops in clinical supervision training.  

MUST provide proof of each of the required segments: 

 Foundation, Methods, Legal/Ethics, and Specialty*

 Up to 1/3 of the hours can be distance learning

 NOT ACCEPTED:  Addiction Supervision or AAMFT training.

See the Website for full list 

Option B:


Graduate level coursework in supervision from accredited counselor preparation program in clinical counseling Masters/EdS/ or PhD program within the last five(5) years. AND 12 CE hours in Clinical Supervision training (must contain Legal/Ethic training)

Practicum / Internships do not count

Option C:


Clinical Supervisor Credential (NBCC/CCE ACS)

Addiction certification not accepted       AAMFT supervisor not excepted.


 Total hours for initial approval as a CPCS:  24 hours (see below required category)


*YOUR CE Certificates must show that the items below are covered in the training.


Content Areas  (4 sections) 

Within this topic area, the following must be addressed in some manner (Objectives)

Foundations of Supervision 

6 hours minimum

  • Definition and Role of Supervision
  • The Supervisory Relationship
  • Structure of Supervision

Methods of Supervision

6 hours minimum 

  • Supervision Models and Approaches 
  • Supervision Techniques
  • Evaluation of Supervisees

Legal and Ethical Issues in Supervision

6 hours minimum

  • Licensure Requirements
  • Ethical Issues in Counseling and Supervision
  • Legal Issues in Counseling and Supervision

Specialized/Advanced Techniques in Supervision 

6 hours recommended completing the required 24 CE hours.

Suggested Topics:  Developmental differences such as theoretical orientation, cultural differences, difficulties with supervisees, discipline policies and due process, transference and counter -transference.  Genograms, Case Scenarios, Telemental Health Supervision. (but NOT Telemental Heath w/o the supervision)


CPCS Related Fees 

CPCS FEES  (Click Here for more detail)

The CPCS Application 

Non-Clinical Member of LPCA:    $ 169.00 *Fee increase 11/2/2018

LPCA active Clinical Member:       $ -0- included with clinical membership 


CPCS Yearly Maintenance Fee*-due every September 

Non-Clinical Member of LPCA:    $ 75.00 per year (does not include re-certification fee) Due every September no matter when the CPCS is granted. 

LPCA active Clinical Member:       $ -0- included with clinical membership 

*CPCS Certification Maintenance Fees support the administration of the certification program; which also includes monthly reports to the Licensing Board about compliance, answering and resolving supervision questions/issues, website postings, alerts, and audits.

CPCS Re-Certification 

Non-Clinical Member of LPCA:    $ 75.00 (every two years)

LPCA active Clinical Member:       $ -0- included with clinical membership


Re-Certification Due 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024, etc. 

Certification is valid for 2 years and must be renewed by September 30, on even years. 

This is tied to the License Renewal schedule.