Refunds and Policy Information 

 DISCLAIMER: Refund Policy Below


Continuing Education CEs,   Workshops have a charge for cancelations (no refunds given for CE application or AD fees)

Certification Programs CPCS


Membership,  (no refunds on membership dues)

Exams, Webinars, or 

On Demand events except as listed below.

PHOTOS at Events:  By submitting your membership application, we take photos at our events, you grant permission to LPCA to use your image and/or voice in photographs, video recordings, electronic reproductions, audio recordings, and other media throughout the world may be used and you acknowledge these activities and consent to such recording, capture and distribution by LPCA, royalty free. If you decline to grant LPCA this permission, please email [email protected].


Ads may be dramatically edited due to limited column space allocations. Ads not submitted in the required format may not run a specific issue or specific format. LPCA is not responsible for ads content. Advertising rates are subject to change.

CE listings / Ads: Registration links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement by LPCAGA.  LPCAGA is not responsible for issues with links, CE providers are required to double check the CE calendar and to report issues or corrections immediately



LPCA Continuing Education applications fees - No Refunds Given. The Continuing Education Standards and requirements are subject to revision and based on the licensing laws and rules. CE applicants are responsible for staying up-to-date and meeting the current standards.  Applications incomplete and/or not submitted in the required format may not be reviewed LPCA CE Committee.  Continuing Education applications rates are subject to change.  NO REFUNDS ON CE applications.  Decision made by the CE Committee is final. 

Workshop registration for LPCA Events is refundable, if you cancel at least one week prior to the workshop you may receive a refund less the $25 cancellation fee. In the event that a cancellation is received less than one week prior to the workshop, no refund will be given.  "No Shows" will be invoiced $35. This includes LPCA Co-Sponsored Events. 

There is a non-refundable fee for ordering CE certificate for events more than 12 months old. 

Certification Programs:

Standards and requirements are subject to revision and based on the licensing laws and rules.  Applicants are responsible for staying up-to-date and meeting the current standards.  Applications incomplete and/or not submitted in the required format may not be reviewed LPCA Committee.  Certification Programs applications rates are subject to change.  NO REFUNDS ON applications.  Only the  most recent version of the application will be accepted.  Previous versions of the application will not be accepted.


Conference registration is refundable, with varying fees and deadlines.  See the specific conference web page for further details.

Convention Sponsors:  All fees from any past events, must be paid in full at least 60 days in advance of the Convention in order to Sponsor / Exhibit at the Convention. 


Dues paid to LPCA are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. $5 of Clinical and Affiliate Member dues paid is used by LPCA for lobbying and legislative activities. Therefore, $5 of Clinical and Affiliate Member dues payment is not tax-deductible.

If any applicant for membership to the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of GA, LPCA requests a refund for his/her membership fees, such a request must be made in writing via e-mail to: [email protected]

Refund requests will be filled as follows: If an individual requests to terminate his/her membership prior to his/her payment being processed by LPCA then LPCA will simply not process the payment for that application. The applicant will forfeit no money.

If an individual requests a refund after his/her membership application has been processed but prior to receiving membership approval and materials, that person will receive a refund of his/her membership fees minus a $35.00 processing fee.

Automatic Membership Renewal Program

LPCA of GA now offers automatic membership renewals. 

Automatically renewed each year ensures constant access to member benefits and eligibility for Bonus’.

Your membership can be conveniently renewed at the start of each membership year when you check the box for automatic renewal.

Yearly, an email reminder will be sent so that you'll know exactly when the transaction will take place. This message will contain any reminders on your behalf.

Why Should You Sign Up for Automatic Membership Renewal?

  • Save time – One less thing to remember to take care of each year
  • Go green – Reduces paper invoices and their impact on the environment
  • Bonus Day – You’ll have access to your choice of prime housing for the annual meeting before the opening of advance member registration
  • Uninterrupted membership – Never miss out on any of your valuable member benefits
  • Support the field – Your dues enhance professional development initiatives, public outreach, advocacy, and more

Program Terms & Conditions

By opting into the automatic membership renewal program with the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia (LPCA of GA, or “LPCA”), the enrolling member (“you” or “the member”) affirms that he/she has carefully read, understands, and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

I. Terms and Fees. By opting into the automatic membership renewal program, you authorize LPCA of GA to charge your credit card on file for your membership dues once each year. (See Section II for details about payments and billing.)

  • Membership Type. Your membership will be renewed at the same membership type most recently associated with your account. You may change membership types at any point during the year and will be responsible for any additional fees associated with the new member type.
  • Membership Fees. Membership fees may change from year to year. Automatic renewals will be charged at the then-current rate.
  • Membership Terms of Service. All LPCA of GA memberships are valid for 12 calendar months.
  • Payment Dates. The date on which LPCA of GA initiates automatic renewal charges are based on your Join Date. (See Section IV for information on notifications.)

II. No-Refund Policy and Termination. All payments made through the automatic renewals program are nonrefundable. You may opt out of automatic renewals at each renewal cycle, but all payments made prior to opting out are nonrefundable. In the case of unauthorized payments made using credit cards belonging to the member’s institution/organization/company (hereafter “institution”), a representative of the institution may contact LPCA of GA to dispute the charge within 45 days of the transaction for review. After 45 days, disputes regarding payments made on institution credit cards will not be considered.

III. Methods of Payment and Credit Card Terms. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you authorize the LPCA of GA to process an automatic once-yearly recurring payment to LPCA of GA from the credit, debit, or bank card you have on file with LPCA of GA. Any automatic recurring payment method or renewal authorization will remain in effect until withdrawn by the member or terminated by LPCA of GA.

  • Payment Form. The LPCA of GA accepts credit, debit, and bank payments by VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. If paying using a credit card that belongs to your institution, you agree that you are an authorized user of said credit card. In the event that you become no longer authorized to use the card, you are responsible for removing the credit card information from your LPCA of GA account and replacing it with a different payment method.
  • Billing Information. The member is responsible for maintaining true, current, and accurate billing and payment information in their membership account in order to facilitate automatic renewal payments.
  • Currency. All payments must be made in United States dollars.
  • Unpaid Balances. If LPCA of GA does not receive payment from your credit card issuer or its agent at the time when automatic renewal charges are initiated, you agree to pay all amounts due upon LPCA of GA’s demand. If attempt(s) to collect payment fail, LPCA of GA at its discretion may consider your membership expired and you will forfeit any benefits associated with the automatic renewal program, including but not limited to Bonus eligibility. If you fail to renew your membership at a later date, LPCA of GA may cancel your enrollment in the automatic renewals program.

IV. Contact Information and Notifications. The Society will send email notifications about pending automatic renewal charges to the primary email address associated with your membership account. You are responsible for maintaining a current email address that is capable of receiving LPCA of GA emails as the primary email address associated with your account. Inability to receive LPCA of GA emails will not be regarded as grounds for refund.



Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellations may be requested up until two weeks before the program date, and you will receive a full refund minus a $35 administrative fee. After that date, no refunds will be made, but you may send another person in your place.

Distance Learning online courses may be cancelled for a full refund within three days after the date of purchase, provided that all course materials and books are returned unopened and in good condition to LPCA. After three business days, course cancellations are subject to a $50 cancellation fee per course, in addition to any fees for course materials/books that are not returned to LPCA, or are returned opened or used. Refunds will not be issued for any course after 30 days from the purchase date, or on any course that has been accessed, viewed, or partially completed. No refunds will be issued on course extensions. Distance Learning courses are for individual use only and are nontransferable.

Disclaimer: All material developed for LPCA programs are intended for the sole use by the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia (LPCAGA). Any reproduction or redistribution of material is prohibited without the expressed written consent of LPCAGA.  By participating development processes, you agree to the terms and confidentiality of the project. Intellectual property contributions are considered member donations to the organization. Contributors will be acknowledged in LPCAGA copyrighted materials.