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Student Membership Specific Benefits

Did you know? 

  • Student membership is only $35 for a 12 month membership
  • Liability insurance discounts  (make sure to click STUDENT-MENTAL HEALTH for the less than $25 rate)
  • Access to many FREE and reduced fee events, great way to network
  • And FREE review of your APC and LPC application 
  • Mentor to assist you with the "process"
  • Consult, click here to register for a very detailed consult on the licensure process
  • Graduation Regalia for Students  


Dissertation Study Participants Request Form:  Click Here


Student Ambassador Application


FOR CURRENT STUDENT MEMBERS OF LPCA.  This opportunity is LPCA Student Members Only who are not licensed, in school or just very recently graduated.  Please read the Ambassador Responsibilities and instructions and indicate your agreement. 

Submit your completed agreement no later than Friday, April 1, 2022.

Ambassador Responsibilities and Instructions

Being an Ambassador at the convention is the best networking and learning experiences you can get!

Efforts will be made to assign you to the workshop that is your first choice for monitoring responsibilities. There is always the possibility that this assignment may change at the last minute. Please be flexible if necessary. Ambassadors are vital to the success of the convention. Thank you so much for taking your time and energy to help LPCA! We’re counting on you to be present and know you will fulfill your responsibilities in a professional manner.  (lots of future Employers at our Convention)

Convention volunteers are required to participate in an Orientation Webinar on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 12:30 PM.

The LPCA Convention and Regional Conference is the longest running professional development and networking event for Licensed Professional Counselors, Students, and mental health professional in Georgia. 

LPCAGA is happy to invite you to register for the 2024 36th Annual Convention and Regional Conference. The Conference will be hosted in-person the first week of MAY, 2024.  


Just Graduated

"Life After Graduation" Program

Graduating with a Master's degree and transitioning into supervision and direction in the counseling profession is both exciting and scary.  There are new challenges, lengthy legalese written rules, and opportunities for advancement around every corner.  After all, your mission, after graduating  with a MH masters degree is more than just finding that first counseling job.  The mission is to learn how to leverage your knowledge and skills and turn those assets into real value over the next few years of internship.

LPCA is here to help.  Please check our CE workshop page for the "Life After Graduation" Program where you are able to "practice" on LPCs, experience "real life" client work.   

We encourage you to review all of our services to learn how best LPCA can serve you.  LPCA is a reliable resource available to you with all the information you need to achieve success during these transitions.  LPCA is a resource that breaks down and explains what you need to know in order to get where you want to go.