True Psychology: The Science of Building Psychological Resilience Through Cognitive Reappraisal 

Author: Galen Cole, PhD, MPH, LPC, WCP, CPCS

Publisher: Balboa Press, an imprint of Hay House, 2014

Purchase Price: $14.99 softcover

Book is available in hard copy and electronic formats on and other online book retailers.

I’ve discovered first-hand through my research and the work I’ve done among various cultures around the globe that there are no short cuts to psychological resilience and happiness. To become resilient in a way that helps you be ok when things in your life are not ok and, to learn to live happily, you must understand and intentionally apply correct principles. This book outlines these principles and describes a number of tools that I’ve used in my clinical practice to help individuals transform their lives in remarkable ways. 

What’s different here is that the principles, processes and self-help tools outlined in the book are not simply theoretical fun and games. Rather, they are based on what leading behavioral and neural scientists agree are the most important principles and conditions that must be adhered to in an effective, self-directed psychological change process. This means, given what we now know about brain plasticity, if you take the time to learn and apply the principles and approaches outlined here, you’ll be able to “hack” into your own brain and rewire your neural-pathways in a way that helps you consistently increase your psychological resilience. Once you’ve accomplished this “brain hack” using my carefully honed cognitive reappraisal, self-hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming techniques, you'll be able to systematically identify and alter irrational thought patterns that cause your undesirable behaviors and undermine your ability to consistently set and achieve goals.

You’ll also be able to use my Happiness Algorithm Planner (H.A.P.) to objectively discern your perceived state of happiness, isolate what makes you more or less happy, and develop a plan to increase and sustain your sense of wellbeing and personal contentment regardless of what’s going on in the world around you.