Our website is the go-to destination for professionals, and consumers, who are searching for a counselor, seeking information relating to counseling, or researching resources. Are you running a support group, program or event, or a peer group? Do you provide a service that you would like to promote? Do you need to rent or lease office space?

Our JOB OPENING listing site is a FREE SERVICE. Simply place the ad in the body of an email or attached  POST an Ad for a Job Opening Click Here

Classified SUPERVISION Ad run for four (4) issues. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. You can not purchase a single issue. You must be a CPCS to run a supervision ad. (members receive a discount) Prices run from $100 to $225    CLICK HERE to place the ad

Classified OFFICE SPACE ads are placed on the LPCAGA Website and run for one (1) issue in the hard copy of the Newsletter - two choices up to 30 words or up to 90+ words. *if you place a website ad, the editor will try, not guaranteed, to run your ad will run in the next Hard Copy of the Newsletter Prices run from $25 to $125  CLICK HERE  

CE- Continuing Education Advertising:  All CE ads must first have LPCA CE Approval. CLICK  CE application or a payment for Applications, Advertising or Late Fees

E-Newsletter Ads Column ads $75 per run.  B/W, max word count -characters 500 LPCA opening rate of 68%+  CLICK HERE

NEWSLETTER (hard copy) published four times a year with a circulation of approx. 5,000 per issue, plus online for public.  Ads sizes, Business, Quarter page, Half page, full page CLICK HERE

NO REFUNDS ON ADS  - Refund Policy

Advertise with Us!   Prices are listed in the advertise form.

Place your ad with LPCA! Advertising is available online and in print. If you do not see a classification that fits your needs, contact [email protected]

Dos...Please all COLOR ads with logos MUST BE PDF or JPEG.

Don't....Do not send classified ads as a PDF, JPEG, or EPS file.  Please place the classified office space or supervision ad in the body of an email. 

You may submit a full, 1/2 (half page), 1/4 (quarter page), or 1/8 page (business card size) ad in one of the following three ways:

  1. E-Mail to [email protected]. The e-mailed ad should be sent as an attachment. Include your name, mailing address, and phone number, and copy of PAYMENT on all e-mails; or:
  2. THE following will have added Fees of at least $45
  3.  Fax (additional fee of $45 applies)  To LPCA office at 404-370-0006. Faxes are not print-ready and logos and graphics cannot be used. A faxed ad will incur typesetting and layout fees as noted above; or
  4. Mail (additional fee of $45 applies) to LPCA of Georgia, Ste. 450, 3091 Governors Lake Dr, Norcross, GA 30071. Mailed ads are not print-ready and will incur a typesetting/layout fee.

Deadlines:  Ads must be received by LPCA by December 10, March 10, June 10, and September 10.  

DISCLAIMER:  LPCA Ads may be dramatically edited due to limited column space allocations. Ads not submitted in the required format may not run a specific issue of the newsletter (hard copy or E). LPCA is not responsible to the listed Ads.