Unrecognized CE Providers For CPCS

The only national/ state organization(s) accepted is Play Therapist - only specialized organization and specialized workshops


The following providers offer many different courses, but not all the courses are recognized by LPCA of GA for the CPCS CE requirements:

Please note:  AAMFT, SW, Addiction, and Leadership "superior at work" workshops do not count towards certification.  (must fall within the LPC Scope of Practice O.C.G.A. 43-10A)  AND Composite Board Rules for supervisors/supervision for Counselors. 

 NOTE:  Workshops from California most likely will not be accepted.  CA did not license LPCs until 2016, therefore, their trainings are by LMFTs (AAMFT)

NOTE: Any home-study/independent-study/self-study CEs are NOT acceptable for the CPCS application or recertification.

Look for workshops that are LPCA Approved workshops.

The following are specifically not approved:

  • All "home study" CEs are not accepted
  • All Addiction Supervison (NOT ACCEPTED)
  • AllCEUs.com
  • Breining Institute
  • CE4Less.com  check out the issue:  https://ce4less.com/CEU-Requirements/Georgia/Counselor
  • CEUnits.com (09-30-16)
  • ContinuingEdCourses.net
  • Cross County (Now called Vyne Education)
  • Elite Continuing Education (elitecme.com)
  • GACA  - Workshops not approved for CPCS including Addictions / addiction supervision does not count
  • Healthcare Training Institute (OnlineCEUcredit.com)
  • National Association of Continuing Education (naceonline.com)(09-30-16)
  • Psychceu.com
  • Quantum Units Education
  • Telehealth Certification Institute
  • Vista Continuing Education
  • Vyne Education (formerly known as Cross Country Education)(09-30-16)
  • ZUR Institute

All CE providers listed above without dates were added to the list on 01-01-16.  

All those with dates have been added since the last renewal cycle ended.

Please check the course. Does it have one of the following:

  • Does it have LPCA of GA / NBCC approval and meet O.C.G.A. 43-10A? 
    • Some NBCC approved courses DO NOT meet CPCS requirements. 
    • Check with the CPCS Committee for approval by emailing, [email protected]
  • Does the Course meet the standards for delivery of CEs for the CPCS program* (see the requirements)  
  • Make sure the CE Certificate does not have more than 20 CE hours listed. 
    • Only Conventions may have more than 20 CE hours listed per certificate. (License Board Rule 135-9)
  • If the Course Provides CEs in addiction supervision (CCS) or AAMFT supervision or SW or how to be the "superior" at work, without the additional CPCS clinical required course work, it will not be accepted.
  • Need a workshop?  Check the full listing of CPCS workshops CLICK HERE

If you have questions about a CE provider being recognized, email  [email protected] for a response.