Licensure Information


Licensure in Georgia is handled by the  Georgia Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapist. 

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Obtaining licensure as a counselor in Georgia is a detailed and multifaceted process.

To assist with the navigation of this process, LPCA offers a variety of Licensure consultation services, see below. 


 Description Cost
Brief Consultation One-time - 20 Minute Phone Consultation Regarding Licensure  Free For Current LPCA Members, $49 For nonmembers
Ongoing Phone Consultations Three - 20 Minute Phone Consultations Regarding Licensure Free For Current LPCA Members, $75 For nonmembers 
In Office Consultation One hour in office Licensure Consultation $65 For Current LPCA Members, $90 For nonmembers 


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Membership or payment of consultation must be complete prior to scheduling consultation appointment. 

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