All Inclusive Membership Benefits!!

  · Your professional online profile available for those looking for a counselor. The website receives over 5,000 hits a month.  If you provide workshops, apply for CE approval from LPCA.

 · Very Popular:  Consultations for rofessional information: from licensure to starting a private practice, legal information, etc.

 · Discounted professional liability insurance.

 ·Representation at the Capitol, State and National to make sure APCs/LPCs are included.  Know about news laws FIRST 

 · Liaison with the Georgia Composite Board.

· Quarterly magazine "LPC Connections" newsletter with information, contacts, and resources.  Professional networking opportunities, monthly and quarterly meetings.

· Annual Journal, available on-line and on CD.

· Website with CE forms, workshops, Find a Counselor, membership renewal, and other great resources.

· Email updates on government updates and workshops.

· Legislative advocacy: protecting the legal interests of Professional Counselors in Georgia.  LPCA is a state chapter of AMHCA. 

· Mentors available for those working on licensure.

· LPCA Board representation from your district. Contact them.

· An LPCA office staffed for easy access to your organization.

· Free and discounted workshops for Continuing Education hours (CE).

· Annual Convention for continuing education, networking, and leisure at a deeply Reduced Early Bird LPCA member rate

· Registry of CPCS Credentialed Supervisors list online.